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Who made Internet the Musical?

Internet The Musical is an online collaboration between artists who, during the 2020 pandemic, lived in isolation all over the world. A musical co-written and designed by an international team. They worked online, through different platforms and wrote scenes, music, developed characters, dance instructions, set designs and everything else imaginable. This international multidisciplinary team responded to an open call in 2020, that Questions Collective put online. This part of Internet the Musical we call The Online Process.

AMAZING! What is the musical about?
>The Internet itself.

Now it is Summer 2021 and Questions Collective & WORM will present the first offline presentation (a short work in progress version) of Internet The Musical at O. Festival. This will take place on August 26. TICKETS HERE

A Questions Collective Production

Rosa Johanna - set design The Room
Noukie - costume design The Human
Katinka The Young One - set design Ebay
Anne Fidler - costume design The Server,  costume design The Algorithm, costumes Dating Site
Céline Talens - scenography Alley of Empty Pubs
Peggy de Bruin - visuals Alley of Empty Pubs
Michal Noy - scenography Love in Autocorrect world, webdesign

Nicky Liebregts - lyrics Loneliness
ROOSPEEE - music Loneliness
Team Nochem and Jong - sound design Voice of The Internet
Jaime Vázquez - music Voice of The Internet, music Dating Site
Luke Deane - music Connection Choir
Barend Blom - lyrics The Reviewer Song
Sam Hozian - music The Reviewer Song
Flavia Faas - music and lyrics Let me Google that for you, music and lyrics Disconnected, music Dating Site, music and lyrics Finale Song
Peer Thielen - music and  lyrics Let me Google that for you
Elisabeth Schaduw - Koto for Alley of Empty Pubs
Doortje Peters - drum/tap Cookies at the Casino, soundscape Love in Autocorrect world

Katinka The Young One - monologue Voice of The Internet
Laurence Scherz - editing script and opening Ebay scene
Barend Blom - dialogue The Human and The Reviewer at Ebay; dialogue Pop-up show ballet
Brecht Hermans - dialogue Pop-up show ballet, dialogue Alley of Empty Pubs, Cookies at the Casino scene, overall dramaturgy
Céline Talens - Intro monologue, dialogue Alley of Empty Pubs, Disconnected scene, Server Appreciation scene
Barry Emond - Cookies at the Casino scene
Sonja - Cookies at the Casino scene
Doortje Peters - Cookies at the Casino scene, Disconnected scene
Nicky Liebregts - Love in Autocorrect world

Julia Kannewischer - choreo for Going from Offline to Online
Anne Fidler - choreo corps de Ballet at Ebay
Flavia Faas - choreo Pop-up show ballet, Dating site dance,
Doortje Peters - choreo Cookies at the Casino


This song and video were created at home in 6 different countries, by 24 team members of
Internet the Musical:

Composition: Flavia Faas,
Lyrics: Flavia Faas, Céline Talens, Michiel Teeuw
Musicians: Oskar Glasbergen (drums), Marc Nochem (bass), Flavia Faas (piano), Peer Thielen (guitar), Roos Pollmann (synthesizer), Stefan Osadzinski (hammond organ),
Sam Hozian (lead voice), Shalita Dietrich (rap)
Choir: Thijs Faas Vrzal, Alexandra Boaru, Brecht Hermans, Shalita Dietrich, Blanche Garnier, Marc Nochem, Flavia Faas, Sam Hozian
Audio mix: Oskar Glasbergen

Set and costume design: Peggy de Bruin, Anne Fidler
Choreography: Aleksandra Nowakowska
Video editor: Blanche Garnier
Graphic design: Michiel Teeuw
Dancers: Alexandra Boaru, Brecht Hermans, Delton Gomez, Céline Talens, Flavia Faas, Gina Beekelaar, Peggy de Bruin, Joe Anderson, Margarita, Roos Pollmann, Shalita Dietrich, Laurence Scherz, Nouqqui

Writer of the intro: Brecht Hermans
Voice actor of the intro: Gina Beekelaar
Soundscape of the intro: Nicky Liebregts

a Questions Collective production